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Are you ready to Unmask Your Potential? 🎭

Hello, I'm Dr. De Vida Gill. I welcome you to the MV Creatives Academy - the Backstage education and training platform focusing on self-awareness and personal development. It offers private and group coaching, courses, information, resources, and more. I am so excited you dropped by. It is not by accident that our paths crossed, nor why I created this Academy for creatives and out-of-the-box thinkers like you to unmask your potential and embrace your authenticity.

Think about a time or place when negative self-talk crept in, self-doubt lingered, anxiety appeared, or overwhelm passed through. If you are like me, too many times to count. Although "normal," we feel many emotions throughout life, especially during life transitions and character-building days.

This is why the Academy was developed as an online creative catalyst to take you backstage, behind closed doors, away from social media, and beyond the spotlight so that you can focus on self-awareness, personal growth, and well-being. The Academy integrates the arts, mental health, and education, empowering you to challenge your thoughts, unmask your potential, embrace your authenticity, and become the Author and CEO of your life.


Get Ready To Unmask To The Next Level! 

Grab your Backstage Pass(es) to access the Academy's courses, programs, support, and resources so you can rewrite your narrative, straighten up your crown, and unmask your warrior within. Let's start with a tour and some self-care tips to begin your journey.

See you backstage!

- De Vida

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Top Self-Care Tips

FREE Self-Care Tips to reduce stress and improve your mood. Self-support for your Triple P Lifestyle.


FREE tips, strategies, and insights to increase self-awareness, personal growth, and development.

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Are you interested in working with me but not sure where to start? No problem. Let's chat!

VIP 1/2-Day Intensive

A deep dive into one core life area to create clarity, strategies, and action steps. Consult Required.

Reflective Journaling [Private Session]

An alternative lens to analyze situations, challenge your mindset, and enhance self-awareness.

UNMASKK™️ Your Time [Challenge]

Align your daily intention with your attention, focusing on a short-term goal within 7-days [LIVE]

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