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Top Self-Care Tips

Top Self-Care Tips To Manage Your Busy Schedule & Active Lifestyle

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Self-care is essential to promote a healthy personal, professional, and private life. Spending 20-30 minutes alone and enjoying your own company can enhance your mood, self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love. It also reduces overwhelm, anxiety, and stress. Use this worksheet as a guide to create a daily self-care system that works for your schedule and make yourself a priority today!  You are worth it!

Your personal, professional, and private lifestyle are not separate entities but ultimately one system – YOU – and are interdependent within the core areas of your life. This self-care worksheet will provide tips as you manage your Triple P Lifestyle.

Personal Lifestyle

How you relate to others and how they see you. How you present yourself in the spotlight amongst family, friends, and the community (e.g., ambitious, supportive, flexible, competitive, analytical, etc.).

Professional Lifestyle

Who you are creatively with your skills, gifts, and talents and how your present them to the world. It’s how you find solutions, create ideas, and tackle challenges (e.g., time management, collaboration with others, leadership, forward-thinking, etc.).

Private Lifestyle

Who you are beyond the spotlight, behind closed doors, when no one else is looking. These are the heavy emotions you carry, experience, and hide that only a few may be privy to, if any. It encompasses your innermost thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (e.g., anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt, stress, etc.).

Managing your lifestyle requires consistent daily action to practice self-love and self-care by creating time to remove yourself from distractions and release life's challenges so you can rest and reset. 

Consistently practicing self-care promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In addition, having intentional time alone allows you to practice protecting and providing for your well-being, peace, and happiness.

It helps reduce anxiety and stress and improves mood, self-esteem, self-compassion, and productivity.

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