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MV Lifestyle 'N Motion Blog Embrace The Adventure of Authenticity

Embrace The Adventure of Authenticity


Power is energy, and being bold takes vitality, vigor, and grit to live and embrace your authenticity. Whatever big dream you envision in your future requires you to take risks and embark on a journey that will ignite your inner fire and create an opportunity to unmask your potential. 

Here are 7-Steps to Guide you:

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Live life to the fullest. Stepping outside your comfort zone requires you to pivot and move beyond your cozy comfort zone and venture into the unknown. It involves you spreading your wings and soaring to new heights! Whether expanding your creativity, exploring a new venture, or making bold career moves, taking chances opens doors to endless possibilities. Growth happens outside your comfort zone.

Embracing Your Perfect Imperfections: You, Me, We - are all perfectly imperfect, making us uniquely designed! Living authentically means embracing your quirks, flaws, and all those little things that make you beautifully imperfect. It's about celebrating your true self and letting your light shine, allowing you to be unapologetically you.

Unleashing Your Inner Explorer: Taking chances is like embarking on a thrilling adventure with yourself as the author and CEO of your life. It's about using your creative and out-of-the-box thinking to explore and discover new passions, talents, and interests that fill your heart with joy and satisfaction. Whether taking a salsa or line dance class, painting with abandon, writing that book you've been dreaming about, creating a new business, or starting a new project, the journey of self-discovery awaits you.

Overcoming Fear Like a Boss: Fear is real, I know. But, it is also that thing that tries to hold you back from your wants and desires. As a creative and out-of-the-box thinker, you can conquer it by leaning into it creatively. Taking chances means facing those fears head-on, whether fear of failure, success, judgment, or the unknown. Lean in and step into your courage with daily 1% wins, and allow those fears to drift away.

Inspiring Others Through Your Boldness: When you live authentically and take chances, you become an inspiration magnet. Your boldness and fearlessness send an abundance of inspiration to those around you. You become the catalyst for someone else to embrace their authenticity and embark on their own self-awareness and self-discovery journey. Inspire others through your testimony and be that agent of change.

Embracing Growth and Adaptability: Life is a constant dance, and taking chances is your opportunity to learn new moves. Think of life as a blank canvas allowing you to design, create, and color through your eyes. Embracing growth and adaptability means being open to new experiences, perspectives, and ideas. Allow yourself to evolve, learn from your experiences, and grow into the person you strive to be.

Cultivating Joy and Fulfillment: Envision living a life that brings unconditional joy and fulfillment. Taking chances and living authentically sets the stage for what's to come! You create a life with purpose and authenticity by aligning your actions, beliefs, and core values. Release the need for external validation and embrace your decisions, allowing you to be true to yourself.

By taking chances and living authentically, you live by design vs. by default to experience self-actualization. Self-exploration through adventure allows you to embrace your unique self, conquer fears, inspire others, and cultivate a life filled with joy and fulfillment. As you explore self-awareness and embrace self-discovery, stay present and be unapologetically you. 

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Written By De Vida Gill

Dr. De Vida Gill is an Educator, Author, Certified Transformational Life Coach, and Creative Strategist. She is passionate about integrating Arts & Entertainment, Mental Health, and Education. For 25+ years, she has created programs and services to empower creatives and out-of-the-box thinkers to unmask their potential and embrace their authenticity. 

Contact Mahogany Vida for more information.

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