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Love and Gratitude


Is life passing us by, or are we sitting still? We are so busy juggling our busy schedules and active lifestyles that we often forget to stop and be grateful for life’s many blessings. We sometimes fail to acknowledge our needs because we are so busy caring for everyone else. This month, take the time to stop and reflect through love and gratitude. Start by getting out a piece of paper, and on the top, write the word LOVE on one side and the word GRATITUDE on the other.


Think for a minute. What do you love about yourself? What do you love about your personality? What do you love about the way you look (physical features)? What are some of the accomplishments that you are proud of? This is often a difficult feat because we are often our worst critics or too busy with the act of ‘doing’ that we don’t stop, acknowledge, and celebrate the small and big successes. We find it easy to compliment others but more challenging to turn the love inward and provide the same type of accolades to ourselves. We may feel a sense of uneasiness, discomfort, anxiety, or fear as we think through this process. The first step is to acknowledge the feeling you are having. To guide you, take a deep breath and allow yourself to speak "positive" thoughts about yourself. Then, consciously write down at least one to three things for each question above. Take one more deep breath and reflect on what you wrote. It’s okay to smile through this process. Self-love is essential and can guide you to self-confidence, self-worth, acceptance, and happiness.


Life has its challenges and its character-building days, but within it all, we must find gratefulness in what we have. Create a gratitude journal and list everything you are thankful for – People, Places, and Things. Who do you appreciate, and why? Sometimes, we may be grateful for individuals who imprinted our lives. Other times, it was a kind deed, words of wisdom, or a person who was a trailblazer that led the path for us. Maybe it’s your home, your job, your relationships, etc. Think of how you could express gratitude to someone: a kind word or gesture, an act of kindness, quality time, acts of service, or maybe a hug or handshake. Now, turn the gratitude inward. What can you do to celebrate and pamper yourself? Schedule time to take yourself out to dinner, watch a movie, get a massage, read that “leisure” book you never had time for, have a weekend getaway, or have quiet time at home to meditate, relax, etc. This is YOUR quality time to embrace and celebrate YOU, if only for a moment. Do it! You’re worth it!

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Written By De Vida Gill

Dr. De Vida Gill is an Educator, Author, Certified Transformational Life Coach, and Creative Strategist. She is passionate about integrating Arts & Entertainment, Mental Health, and Education. For 25+ years, she has created programs and services to empower creatives and out-of-the-box thinkers to unmask their potential and embrace their authenticity. 

Contact Mahogany Vida for more information.

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