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Release The Troll, Focus On The Mission

Noticing when the troll and negative self-talk shows up increases your self-awareness and guides you toward self-discovery...

Unplugging Is Not Selfish

Unplugging technology, people, stressful spaces, and places to seek clarity provides a new perspective of understanding yourself and how you see the world around you...

What's In The Photograph?

Don't get so caught up in your busy schedule and active lifestyle that you forget to live. Make time to prioritize YOU...

Pathways of Resiliency

As you walk through life, you'll have challenges, ups and downs, and character-building circumstances, but how you define those circumstances is really up to you...

Abundance Begins Within

Change and the unknown can be scary, yet if you don’t try or embrace the process, you’ll never receive the magnitude of abundance or appreciate it when it arrives...

Does Living A Lavish Lifestyle Mean Success?

True success is not money or material goods but personal, professional, and private growth. It's about the journey and the lessons you learned in the process to achieve greatness...

Create And Innovate Your Challenges

Creativity is the art of expression, a form of newness, and can be a revelation in opening your eyes to see your challenges through a different lens...

Reset - Destination Abundance

The power of your mind is as priceless as a diamond representing strength, love, and health. Therefore, it can work for you or against you...

Stepping Stones to Greatness

Through your life experiences, you have everything you need to transition beyond the ordinary into greatness. Start with where you are today...

Livin' Through Self-Awareness

Understanding your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors guides you toward unmasking the next level of you. Explore your self-awareness...


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As you manage your busy schedule and active lifestyle, you must make time for daily self-care to increase your self-awareness, reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, and improve your mood, self-esteem, self-compassion, and productivity. Make sure you add yourself to your daily routine with consistent self-care rituals within your personal, professional, and private life. YOU are worth it, so add yourself to your priority list.

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